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  • web & mobile development
  • back-end development
  • data management
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Product Development

minima's approach

Working with minima you get the results you want to achieve, faster.

Our expertise allows us to operate at any layer of the existing infrastructure: data layer (data migration and consolidation), back-end (API development) and front-end (web & mobile development).


practical solutions for your business

marketing automation

Build better marketing campaigns using the data you already have. A more personal approach in your interactions with your clients increases conversion and engagement. It’s easier to increase your conversion rate by 10% than to increase your marketing budget by 10%.

insights, not just reporting

Don’t get lost in the mountains of available data. We’ll help you build reports that offer actionable insights.
This way you can take proceed with confidence on your strategic plans.

supply chain optimization

Have a closer connection to all your dealers. Learn when stocks are running low, what the end customers feedback is and where bottlenecks happen.
Know the status of each partner in your network in order to make better decisions, faster.

empower your customers

Give your partners control over how their apps and devices access your service.
By having a secure and reliable API to your service, other companies can build new functionalities on top of existing ones. This can increase user engagement and satisfaction.

what we do

web & mobile development

Starting from your business goals we’ll help you create the development goals. This way you can maximize your return on investment on any mobile and web apps developed.

  • native app development
  • agile way of work
  • unit and integration testing
  • continuous delivery
  • transparent development roadmap
data migration and consolidation

data migration & consolidation

Mountains of disjointed, old data are not very useful. We’ll help you update and organize your existing data to make it useful in the current context of your business.

  • data design extraction
  • migration rule mapping
  • automated testing
  • integration testing
  • back-up and disaster recovery
data management

who we are

Marius Pop

Business Lead

Antonio Purel

The Tech Lead

Ciprian Hetea

Software Engineer

join the team

We are looking for experienced developers who are committed to mastering their craft. If that's you start the conversation with a message at to get the conversation started.


the business owners guide to building software products

Business people and engineers alike make the same mistake when building digital products: they focus on the product. Successful product owners on the other hand focus on the customer.


what is data integration

Imagine driving down the road in a car with no mirrors. You can look around you to find the information you need, but you need to take your eyes off the road. You can drive, but you don’t know if it’s safe to change lanes. You’re missing a key piece of data to make a decision. This is what it’s like when your data is not integrated: part of your view is crystal clear but you do have a blindspot the size of a truck.


data management is a people problem

If you want to improve your company’s data management you’ll have some convincing to do. Read more to find out where to start and how to do it.


eliminate bias from your decisions

If you are in any managerial role, your most important output is the decisions you make. Read more to learn 5 steps to reduce bias and make better decisions.


Value only. No Busy-Work

When you pay for a large consulting firm, at least 50% of your budget is going to “busywork”. This is simply work that keeps the firm’s employees busy, but has absolutely no value for you. Do you really think 3 weeks of research and benchmarking is really necessary? No, it’s not and they know it too.

In contrast to that, Minima is and has been agile and digital from day one. Using a small team, Minima is dedicated to delivering the highest quality service, without wasting your time or budget. No busy-work, promise.

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